Most people never change the locks on their home, but is that a good idea? Learn about how often and why lock changing is a good idea.

Over 1.5 million burglaries happen in the US every year. The majority of those are residential properties, meaning you need to protect your home.

Homeowners can take several steps to secure their homes, including security systems and reinforced doors and windows, but there is another factor that many forget. 

If you’ve just purchased your home do you know how many people have keys to your new house? Lock changing is a step that too many people neglect to do. Why is it so important? Read on to learn why changing locks could be the most important thing you do to safeguard your family and possessions. 

What Is Lock Changing?

Simply put, lock changing is replacing the locks on your doors with new ones. This is something that should be done on every door that leads to the outside. 

If you don’t know how to do it or if it sounds too technical for you to learn, locksmiths can change locks for you. It’s worth the call and appointment to feel safe under your roof.

Why Do It?

How many people owned your home before you? Did the construction company that built your new house have keys? Did you give out spare keys to anyone that you’ve had a falling out with?

There are many reasons why you may need to install brand new locks. If you don’t know how many copies of your key are out there, it’s definitely time to change them out. 

Divorce or breakups are also a common reason why you may need to replace your locks. Relationships don’t always end on positive terms and replacing your home locks is a simple way to avoid potential issues.

Home break-ins cost you and your family a lot, in some cases, everything. 

What to Do

The easiest and most guaranteed method of changing out your locks properly is to contact a locksmith. Before you do, make sure you know what to expect to avoid scams.

Decide which locks should be replaced. Your front and back doors are the obvious first step but don’t forget about others. Do you have a basement door or storage shed in the backyard? You might as well replace all of them at the same time.

Make a list of everyone who needs a key. Restrict this list to the residents and a couple close friends or family members that you trust to watch your home while your away or who you can contact in case of emergency.

Limiting the number of people who have a key to your home is one of the easiest ways to stay safe.

Stay Secure

Home burglaries are a serious problem so the last thing you want to do is to make it easier for people to get into your home. Changing locks or installing safety door locks is a cost that will buy you peace of mind and security. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Once you’ve decided who needs a key and what locks need to be replaced you should find a locksmith that can handle all your lock changing needs.