Locksmithing is one of the oldest professions known to man. Yet, it’s quickly becoming modern and tech-savvy. Here’s how locksmith technology is paving the way.

Security systems have come a long way from their humble origins in Egypt and Babylon thousands of years ago. There, the first lock and key system consisted of a lock with hidden wooden pins that opened with a carved toothbrush-shaped key.

Today, keeping something under lock and key can refer to anything from a simple padlock to a full-blown electronic security system. With all these changes, the locksmith profession has had to adapt to keep up.

Keep reading to find out how locksmith technology has advanced in recent years and get a peek into the future of the industry.

Changes In Locksmith Technology

Between smart locks, keyless entries, and CCTV systems, security systems are more advanced than ever before. As such, today’s locksmiths can take care of much more than replacing old or damaged locks and keys. They’re able to work with a range of high-tech security features, including:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Electronic access control systems
  • Panic hardware and exit systems
  • Push button and digital locks
  • Magnetic and electromagnetic locking systems

Even assisting someone with automobile locks requires specialized training. Since most cars use keyless entry, a damaged or lost remote control can mean you’re locked out of your car even if you have a physical key. Now, Locksmiths have to understand your car’s electronic lock system in order to provide help in emergency situations.

Even with all the advances in digital security, there’s still a demand for high-security key and combination locks and safes. As such, locksmiths have to keep up their skills in traditional techniques like restoring antique locks to working order.

To Generalize or Specialize?

With all the changes in the locksmith business, the industry has two options to remain relevant. They can either broaden their skills to become true generalists or specialize in a small niche, like automobile locks.

The generalist route is becoming a favorite of many new professionals entering the industry. Apprentices still train in traditional locksmithing techniques. However, they also learn how to install and manage advanced electronic security systems.

The generalist approach also allows locksmith companies to send out one technician to deal with both mechanical and electronic security needs. This helps keep costs down, which customers greatly appreciate.

What Does the Future Hold?

Today’s locksmiths always need to stay on top of trends and developments in the security world. New tech is always popping up, like advanced biometric scanners and 3d printed “stealth keys” that can’t be copied.

But even as the profession changes, one thing remains the same. As long as there are things that need to be locked up, there will be locksmiths around to help with it.

Bay Area Locksmith Security

The next time you lock yourself out or need to set up a security system, choose a professional that’s kept up with the changes in locksmith technology.

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