Unbeknownst to most travelers, luggage locks are actually a very low-security method of protecting your belongings.

Your bags are packed, and you are running out the door to get to the airport. 

You’ve got your travel list, you packed ahead of time, and you made sure to lock your bags with a TSA luggage lock. You’re prepared, feeling at ease, and you’re confident your luggage is secure. 

You hustle through check-in, snail pace through security, and grab a coffee to go before boarding your plane. You settle in, pull up your favorite audiobook and enjoy your coffee.

You get to your destination, pick up your luggage, and head to your hotel. You’ve got an important meeting to get to, so you rush to your room to get ready.

You open your bags to pull out the nice outfit you purchased for this meeting, and it isn’t there. Confusion and panic sets in. Your bags are still locked and don’t appear to be tampered with. 

Aren’t your bags safe from thieves with a luggage lock? 

Is a Luggage Lock Secure?

luggage lock may deter opportunistic thieves that are trying to be quick. Unfortunately, they are not foolproof.

Due to a photo being published of the TSA’s master key in 2014, thieves began creating their own keys. Now with 3D printing, it’s even easier for them to create their own key.

Beyond that, thieves can gain access to your bag (while locked) with nothing more than a ballpoint pen. A thieve can pull your locked zipper handles to the side, and then pry open the zipper with the pen. 

Once they have helped themselves to your belongings, they can reconnect the zipper with the handles, and you will be none the wiser. 

What Are TSA Luggage Locks?

TSA Luggage locks are locks that are approved by the transportation security administration. 

You will find the travel sentry logo, which means that there is a universal key that TSA uses to open the lock. 

These locks are not mandatory. You can choose to use your own locks. The TSA does reserve the right to cut off your lock if they deem it necessary to look through your luggage. 

Secure Your Luggage

How can you ensure that your luggage is safe from thieves? Two of the best ways is to use zipperless luggage and purchase a sturdy lock.

Zipperless Luggage

One way to make sure that your luggage is secure is by investing in zipperless luggage. This will deny thieves access to your luggage through the zipper.

Zipperless luggage tends to be sturdier, which will also protect your belongings better! It’s a win-win. 

Sturdy Lock

By using your own high-security lock, you can ensure that thieves will not be able to create a fake key.

Many people think that you have to use a TSA approved lock, which is not the case. Just be aware that the TSA may cut the lock, should they want entry to your luggage. 

Travel Securely

There are steps that you can take to travel more securely. From investing in zipperless luggage to purchasing a high-security lock.

You may even decide to have your luggage wrapped. We suggest keeping your valuables in your carry-on, to avoid the temptation of theft. Make sure you keep your eyes on your carry-on. 

Security is important in today’s culture. From luggage security to your home security, people want to make sure they are safe. 

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