Do you need locksmith services? Are you interested in learning more about the locksmithing industry? If so, don’t stop reading now.

Locksmiths are a mysterious and helpful bunch. This trade has been around since locks were invented six thousand years ago, and they are just as necessary today as they ever were. As long as there are locks, there will be people who lose their keys, forget their passwords, and standard lock malfunctions, and every time one of these things happens, a locksmith will save the day.

If you’re someone who uses locks (and who doesn’t?), read on to learn about some of the amazing secrets of the industry. Next time you call a locksmith in a time of great need, you’ll have something to chat about when you need locksmith services. 

Many Locksmith Services Work with the Police.

Locksmiths aren’t just stuck providing home locksmith services day in and day out. Some also moonlight as helpers for law enforcement. Locksmiths can help the police enter homes and businesses for surveillance purposes to help solve crimes.

Locksmiths Don’t Keep Duplicate Keys

Many people believe that locksmiths make a copy of every key they create. Some think that if a key is lost, they can just call up the locksmith who made the key and have a new one made. This is not the case.

This can be a pain for people who often lose their keys, but this can also be a relief to those who thought their locksmith had a key to every lock on their home.

A Good Locksmith Is Available 24/7

If your locksmith is dedicated and reputable, he or she will be available at any time of day or night to come to your aid. It’s part of the job, and anyone entering the trade knows this from the start.

Locks Stamped ‘Do Not Duplicate’ Are Often Duplicated

Many keys have the phrase “Do Not Duplicate” on them, which implies that the holder has the only copy.

This is false. Most places that make keys are more than happy to make many copies of keys like these for anyone who asks.

Buying a Locked Safe Is Almost Always a Waste of Money

You may often see locked safes for sale at auctions and flea markets. Although one in a million may be filled with money or treasures, the vast majority are empty.

The Best Lock Is a Properly Installed Deadbolt

Many contractors install deadbolts in exterior — and even interior — doors around your house when building. This can make many homeowners feel safer and more secure. However, contractors often install deadbolts incorrectly.

The best deadbolt locks are installed by a professional locksmith. A professional locksmith knows exactly where and how to install these types of locks to ensure optimum safety from thieves, burglars and other trespassers.

Locksmithing Secrets Revealed

These locksmithing secrets may have been known to you already or you may find them new and exciting. Either way, it’s clear that many locksmiths know about a lot more than the simple locksmith services for which they are most well known.

Next time you need help from a locksmith, be sure to ask them for more exciting secrets of this centuries-old trade. And if you’re in need of locksmith services, click here to view our service areas.